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Davis Dyslexia Correction Programme:

Purpose: To correct dyslexia and improve reading, spelling, and handwriting skills. This is done by enabling the individual to stabilize perceptions, control perceptual disorientations, and learn to use specific techniques to gain reading fluency and comprehension skills.

Davis Attention Mastery Programme:

Purpose: To provide individuals with the tools and understanding required to overcome problems commonly associated with ADHD (attention deficit disorder, with or without hyperactivity) or executive function difficulties. These include sustaining attention focus, organizational and time-management problems, getting along with colleagues, family, and friends, understanding and following rules, and managing impulsive behaviours.

Davis Maths Mastery Programme:

Purpose: To provide individuals with an understanding of basic logic concepts which underpin all mathematics, and to master basic arithmetic functions including counting, understanding of numeral symbols, place value, arithmetic operations (addition, subtraction, multiplication and division), as well as fractions and decimals, multiplication and division. 

Davis Reading Programme for Young Learners

Purpose: To provide young children with an introduction to Davis tools for attention focus and self-regulation, to learn the alphabet and use Davis techniques to acquire primary level pre-reading and reading skills, and to provide parents or other family members with the knowledge and experience to continue to support their children’s learning during early school years.

The Davis Autism Programmes

Davis Autism Approach is a three-part programme geared to helping individuals on the autistic spectrum to gain the social understanding and insight needed to participate fully in life

Davis Stepping Stones is suitable for very young children on the autism spectrum.

Davis Concepts for Life is a self-exploration programme for young adults and

adults who wish to improve their relationship and social skills.

All programmes have a core component of actively creating life concepts out of clay. This enables the individual to integrate their experiences of each concept as a framework for understanding the world around them.  

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