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Ronald Davis, an autistic and dyslexic himself, came up with an unique and successful strategy for solving the dyslexic’s difficulties by using the dyslexic talents of heightened perception and imaginative thinking.


Focusing on the distinctive learning style that is shared by individuals with dyslexia, the Davis® programmes provide the practical skills that remove the obstacles to learning and to everyday functioning. Thus, the student can achieve the fullest expression of their innate gifts and come to succeed in every aspect of their lives.


This programme is particularly helpful to non-responders to phonics.

Dyslexia: a life transformed in one week!

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More information can be found in Ronald Davis’ book The Gift of Dyslexia and The Gift of Learning.

Another route to discovering how the Davis® strategies work is to go to Here, you will learn more about the Davis® Method and you will be able to find a Davis® facilitator to talk to. If you have any questions, or just want to discuss your concerns, you can always contact your nearest facilitator for an informal, no-obligation chat.

Why Donate?

The ‘Gifts For Dyslexia’ has been set up to help dyslexics who cannot afford a programme. – Every little bit helps; any amount is appreciated.

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