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‘Gifts for Dyslexia’ is a small charity that provides assistance to people in financial need who would benefit from the Davis Programme. 'Gifts for Dyslexia’ considers applications from dyslexic people, people with dyspraxia, dyscalculia, autism, attention deficit and other learning difficulties.

‘Gifts for Dyslexia’ provides support and services for children and adults with learning differences throughout the British Isles and Ireland. Dyslexics learn in a significantly different way; the Davis Programmes provide a unique and individually tailored way for each person to understand their strengths and embrace their differences, and find a way forward.

We receive no government funding.  We rely entirely on the support of fundraisers and people willing to donate.



‘Gift for Dyslexia’ was set up in 2013. The initial stimulus was a fundraising campaign launched by YouTube celebrity Klaire de Lys, who is dyslexic herself. Klaire wanted other people to experience the benefits of the programme in the same way as she did. She offered to shave her head if £5000 of donations could be assembled to help fund Davis Programmes for people on limited incomes. The campaign achieved its aim.

Upon the passing of Margarita Whitehead, a Davis Facilitator, in 2018, many relatives, friends and Davis Facilitators made donations to the Margarita Whitehead Scholarship Fund, which is managed by Gifts for Dyslexia. 

Any recipients of bursaries derived from these funds will be informed that they were receiving funds in Margarita’s name.

In 2019, Philip Whitehead and Chloe Moore raised £1141 for the ‘Margarita Whitehead Scholarship Fund’ by running a marathon. 

In spring 2021, Gifts for Dyslexia Treasurer Richard Whitehead and his wife Tatiana made 18 ascents in the Malvern Hills, the combined altitude being equivalent to an Everest ascent. The My Everest campaign raised over £3000. In May 2021, Gifts for Dyslexia Chair and Guernsey resident Colette Mallard opened her spectacular garden to the public, raising almost £4000.

In June 2022, Gifts for Dyslexia achieved registered charity status with the Charity Commission for England and Wales.


Our dedicated team of Trustees and Members launch new fundraising initiatives on a regular basis.



How you can help - Support ‘Gifts For Dyslexia’

Donations from friends, family, organisations, and Davis® graduates are the keystone to the Bursary Fund. Your generous donation will go to supporting individuals taking a Davis® programme, helping them realise their full potential.

Any contribution is appreciated!

To donate, please click here 

To apply for a bursary, please contact a facilitator. Trained facilitators can be found on

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